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Sunday, July 15th 2012

12:51 PM

Busty preteen pictures


Related article: Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 13:51:50 -0500 From: alessandro abbondanti Subject: mr a and his boys: colin 1Here is part 7 of the Mr. A preteen bbs harcore and his Boys series. It's thankfully shorter than the last one, but I'm not sure how you'll like it. Sorry that it has again taken so long, but I don't have a lot of time to preteen near nude write. (I should be grading tests right now!) The Winter Break is coming up soon, and I hope to get several chapters written, so I can submit them more than once ls preteen sites a week. Enjoy!Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction; any resemblance ls preteen sites to real persons living preteens fetish galleries or dead is entirely coincidental. If you're not old enough to read this, go away. This story is fantasy. It didn't happen. It never will happen. Don't do it. This story contains depictions of sex between adult and teenage males. All roles in the movie of my life, however, are played by people aged 18 and over (and you should be 18 if you're reading this!). If you are not interested in reading about this (or other male-on-male sex), please leave now. This story is mine; don't steal it or post elsewhere without my permission. (That means it's copyrighted by me, in case you were confused.)*******************At home, I found myself entirely distracted by thoughts of what had happened at school with Colin. I was amazed that I had managed to resist the urge to kiss him. I thought back to what that voice in my head had said before: "Either stop it or go with it." I wasn't sure what to do. I knew what I wanted preteens photographs to do, but I also knew the consequences of getting caught. The only decision that uk preteen I came to was that I could not make the first move. As with Paden, I would have to wait for Colin preteens asian clips to come to me; I couldn't risk misinterpreting his signs. Although they seemed pretty clear, a nagging voice in the back of my mind still urged caution.That night before bed, I signed on to AIM. Almost immediately after signing on, I received an IM from a screenname that I didn't recognize, but it wasn't hard to figure it out: it contained the name of my school, which meant it had to be someone that I knew from school, and the only person there who knew my screenname was Colin."y do u still use this name?" he asked."Who is this?" I said, wanting to make sure that my guess was correct."u no who," preteen models club he responded."Do you always write like that, Colin?" I asked."ya," was his only response."How annoying. ""u aint fat," he said."No, I'm not. You're right. ""tel me.""Ask me nicely," preteens flat boob I teased."please tel me," he said."Nah. It's more fun to make you guess. Sorry. ""ugh. i hate u.""No, you don't. Besides, it's a long story that I don't feel like telling," I lied."please.""Nope. I'm gonna go now. See you tomorrow, Colin.""i'll figure it out," he promised. I signed off.Great, I thought. Now I'm going to have to deal with him online, too. Not that I minded; I did enjoy talking to him.I slept fitfully that night. I dreamed that Colin and I were together in my classroom, hugging as we had that afternoon. My heartbeat quickened, and just as I bent my head and touched my lips to his, the classroom door flew open. There stood the principal, looking appropriately horrified. My heart sank. I pulled away suddenly, but it was too late. In a flash, I found myself suspended and my teaching certificate revoked. I awoke and sat up in bed, my heart pounding in my chest, but my dick still hard. Realizing it was only a dream, I went back to sleep until the alarm sounded at 6 a.m.Despite my dream, I waited eagerly to see Colin preteen forbidden illegal and Paden in 6th period that afternoon. I wanted to know if they had patched things up or not.So 6th period began, and Colin and Paden entered one right after the other, smiling. That's a good sign, I thought. They came up to my desk."'Sup, Abs?" Colin said. I glared at him."Not much," I replied. "Everything cool with you two?""Yep," said Paden. "Thanks a lot.""Glad I could help," I said. "What about you, Colin?"Colin smiled broadly at me. "I'm good," he said. "Thanks for your help yesterday."I smiled back, glad that he was happy and that they were friends again. "That's why I'm here."Class proceeded as normal, meaning that I taught while Colin interjected random comments, some humorous, some annoying. It was good. The bell rang, and my 6th period students began filing out. I said good-bye to Colin and Paden when they passed. "I'll talk to you later," Colin said.At the end of the day, Derek approached me. "So have you thought anymore about what Colin said?" he askedPuzzled, I responded, "What are you talking about?" I frantically tried to recall what Derek was talking about, wondering if there was some other meaning behind his question."Helping out with the weightlifting team?""Oh! That. Not really," I said."Well, you should go down some day after school and see what it's like. The gym's pretty nice.""Are you there after school?" I asked."Sometimes, but most of the guys on the weightlifting team also have the weightlifting class, so we just workout then. After school, it's usually the wrestling team or other kids wanting to stay in shape off-season. If you decided to help out with weightlifting, though, I bet a bunch of kids from the team would come after school, too." He paused. "Colin definitely would."I looked at Derek questioningly. Was there some hidden significance to what he said? I responded jokingly, "Oh, well if Colin is there, then of course I'll do it."Derek laughed. "That's not what I meant.""I know," I said, "but I angel preteens nude will think about it. I might head down there some time next week.""Tight," Derek responded. "See you tomorrow!""Later, preteens asian clips Derek," I said with a quick wave of my hand.After Derek left, I spent some time gathering my things and getting ready to go home. Since Spring Break, I'd felt less and less like staying late.I signed on to AIM that night before bed, some part of me hoping that Colin was online and would message me. He was online. I debated whether I should IM him first preteens cute xxx or not, but I knew that I shouldn't, so I waited. After several minutes, he messaged me."i no what it means," his message said."You think so?" I asked."ya," he wrote back."How?""i just no," he replied. While I typed my response, he sent another message. "i g2g. later."His departure was abrupt, and before I could type "later" he was gone.The next day, I saw Colin and Paden as usual during 6th period. Strangely, Colin didn't say anything to me when he came in. Paden and I said hi as usual; he didn't act like there was anything wrong.At the end of class, I made a point of saying good-bye to Colin. He gave me a half-wave and walked out of the room. I began to panic. What was going on? My mind went immediately back to our previous encounter.Before Paden could walk out, I said, "Paden, hold on. Let me talk to you in my office."Paden looked confused, but followed me into my office. I shut the door."Paden," I said, "you haven't told Colin about..." I paused. "You haven't told Colin anything, have you?"Paden turned away and looked down. He didn't say anything. I knew this wasn't a good sign."Paden, please tell me no.""I'm sorry, Mr. A.," he said. "It's just that...you know how persistent and annoying he can be. Last night, he and I were doing your homework, and he said that when he came to talk to preteen videos suck you he found out your screenname. When he told me what it was, I laughed." He paused. "Good one, by the way," he added with a weak smile.I sighed. "And?""So then archive model preteen he started asking a lot of questions, 'cause he knew that I had seen you in the bathroom that time." Paden blushed. "He wanted to know if he was right about what your name referred to, and kept pushing for information, and then he went back to talking about how comfortable it was with you the other day, and I let it slip that I had talked to you before Spring Break. So he wanted to know what I came to talk to you about. And he kept asking what I told you and what you said and how you reacted. And I ended up telling him everything.""Oh crap," I said."Are you mad?" Paden asked anxiously. I didn't respond at first.I sighed. "Not mad," I replied, realizing that I didn't think that I could really get mad at either of them. "I just don't know what to do. I could be in a lot of trouble.""He won't tell anyone," Paden said quickly."I hope not," I said and closed my eyes, imagining my dream coming true: getting caught and losing my certification. There was a long pause.The tardy bell rang. "Crap. That's two days this week now that I've made you late. Your teacher is gonna kill me."We walked back into the classroom, and my students had begun their bell work without me even telling them to do so. I've trained them well, I thought. I gave Paden a pass, then tried to turn to teaching the class, but I was distracted. Was Colin angry about what happened between Paden and me? If so, why? Did he feel like Paden was cheating on him and blamed me? That would certainly explain his cold behavior to me that day. The kids noticed my distraction."What's the deal, Mr. A.?" Kelly asked. "Paden giving you trouble?"I laughed. "No, I had to talk to Paden about something else. It's nothing really. I just think one of my 6th period boys is mad at me.""That sucks," Kelly said. "What'd you do?"I laughed again, thinking, I can't really tell you that. Instead, I said, "Nothing, as far as I know. You know how flaky freshmen can be."Changing the subject, Derek asked, "So you coming to the gym this afternoon?""Nah," preteen bbs harcore I said, "I have a department meeting after school. I can't make it. But if you don't stop harassing me, I'm never gonna come. So chill preteen japanese video with that."Derek laughed. "Okay, okay. Sorry!"Class ended, and I waited around for a few minutes before heading downstairs to the department meeting. It would hopefully not last very long, but past experience had shown me that the other teachers in my department managed to drag things out interminably, often discussing the most inane topics and bringing up ridiculous complaints. They felt that the meeting was more of a bitch session than a time to get any real work done; I felt it was a waste of my time.After the meeting, an hour later, I returned to my classroom upstairs. I rounded the corner and stopped. Colin was pacing back and forth in front of my door looking at the floor."Colin," I said, "what are you doing? Shouldn't you be at practice?" I noticed he was wearing his school clothes, which meant that he either hadn't gone to practice or that it ended quite early that day.He looked up, startled. He apparently hadn't heard me approaching. "I didn't go.""What's wrong?" I asked, moving closer."Can we talk?" he asked. "Something's bothering me.""Of course. Is this about today? That's two days this week you haven't talked to me," I teased.He smiled a little. "Yeah, I know. Can we just go inside?"I unlocked the door to the classroom and Colin followed me inside. I led him into the office. "Okay, Colin, what's up?" I asked, shutting the office door.Colin paused, looking around the office. He didn't say anything. "Well?" I asked.Quietly, he said, "So bbs sun preteens this is where it happened..."I blushed now. "What?""You and Paden. In here," Colin said."Yes," I said. "Me and Paden. In here." I paused. He didn't say anything. "What's wrong, Colin? Please talk to me." He looked at me for the first time."Why?" he asked. Not sure what he meant, I didn't answer. "Why Paden, Mr. A.?""I don't know what you mean, Colin," I said."Why Paden but not me?" He looked like he was about to cry. "The other day when I was in here, you pushed me away. You made me leave; you didn't make Paden leave."I sighed. "Colin," I began and preteen glamour gallery then stopped, not sure what to say. "I'm sorry. I don't know why it happened with Paden. It just did. He was here, and he was talking about sex, and his confused feelings about boys and girls, and I remembered when I was a teenager, and we both got turned on. And it just happened. It shouldn't have, though." Colin looked at me without saying anything. "Paden's a little older, and he looks older. I felt okay with it; I was confident preteen japanese video about what was happening, and I knew that he wanted to do it. With you," I paused, looking him directly in the eye, "I got scared. I wasn't sure."We were standing face to face. Colin moved closer. "When I heard about you and Paden, Mr. A., I was okay at first. It sounded so hot. Paden said it was awesome with you. But then I remembered that day that I found out your screenname and what happened. How you pushed me away. It hurt me; I thought you didn't like me.""No, Colin," I said, putting my hand on his arm, "you know better than that. I like you. We've been over this." I smiled at him and squeezed his arm. He no longer looked like he was going to cry, and he gave preteens gallery bbs me a weak smile back. He moved closer. I could smell him, clean and soapy. I looked into his hazel eyes with their long black eyelashes. Blood rushed to my dick and the tube began to swell in my pants."Abs," he said."Back to Abs again? You must be feeling better.""I sweet angel preteen want to see," he said. undressed pre teens My dick swelled more."See what, Colin?" I asked. He moved closer so our bodies were touching now. Feeling his body against mine caused my semi-hard dick to throb."See why you're called 'grosso'," he said, placing his hand on the front of my pants. He cupped the bulge, which now extended down my right leg. He squeezed; my shaft pulsed in his hand."Colin, baby," I said, tipping his chin up so that he was looking in my eyes, "are you sure?""Yes, Abs, I'm positive."Without thinking, I bent my head and touched my preteen horny lips to his. We kissed, lips pressed together. I pushed my tongue over his into his mouth. He responded by pushing his tongue back against mine. I ran my hands over his body, feeling his back, and then down over his small, round ass. I grabbed his cheeks and squeezed, pulling him closer to me. His hand never left my cock.I realized suddenly that it wasn't as late as it had been with Paden and there still might be others around. I pulled away from Colin. I knew that the custodian was still working, because I could hear his radio playing rap music loudly in the halls. To be safe, if there was such a thing in a situation like this, I turned on the stereo in my office, hoping the music from my stereo and the custodian's would cover up any sounds that Colin and I might make.We kissed again, Colin squeezing and massaging my cock through my pants. It throbbed in his hands; he moaned. I stopped kissing him, pulling away again. I removed my shirt, realizing it would be the third time in three weeks that I was naked in my office with a teenage boy. I grabbed Colin's shirt and pulled it off over his head. I then reached for his pants, which were tented by his teen hard-on. I unbuttoned them, sliding the zipper down over his bulge. He was wearing boxers, as I expected. I pulled his pants down, and then stood in front of him still wearing mine.He looked at me expectantly. "If you want to see it, Colin," I said, "then you take it out." Colin came forward quickly and undid my pants, sliding the zipper down over the massive lump manila preteen locator in my boxerbriefs. He pulled my pants down, and then stood back, looking at me."Oh my God," he breathed. "You're amazing." His eyes traveled up and down my body, lingering on free preteen hardcore the obscene bulge in my shorts. My hard dick, still caged in the stretchy cotton material, arced down and over my right thigh.I admired his body, too. He was muscular, but still had the look of a teenager, a still- growing boy. A uk preteen layer of baby fat covered his hard muscles. His boxers were nicely tented.Colin approached me again and began to rub his hands all over my body. He squeezed my broad pecs and pinched my nipples. He grabbed my arms; I flexed for him. He moaned. He buried his face in my chest, planting kisses over the broad slabs of my pecs. He sucked and nibbled on my right nipple, then switched to the left, moaning the whole time. His hands explored the rest of me while his mouth worked on my upper body. I could feel his hands rubbing my sides, my arms, my back, my ass, my thighs, and my cock. Every time he touched my hard dick, he moaned against my chest, and I made it bounce and throb in his hand. He was feeling me up, exploring my body with his hands and mouth. After several minutes of Colin sucking on my nipples, I put my hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him down.He started to kiss his way down my body. When he reached my stomach, he paused and looked up at me, his tongue poked between his lips, the tip of it still on my stomach. He smiled. He licked down the valley between my ab muscles and tongued my belly button. He then worked his way back up, kissing each rectangular part of my six-pack as he did. He sank to his knees in front of me.Colin stared at my preteen japanese video crotch for several seconds, running his hands over my thighs and my hard dick. There was now a distinct wet spot on my boxerbriefs, and each time Colin groped my dick, the wet spot grew. Colin pursed his lips and kissed my dick head, sliding his tongue out between them to lick and taste the precum that had soaked the cotton there. He moaned."Take it out, baby," I said, running my hand through his hair and bring it around to touch and cradle his cheek. Colin laid his face in my palm and then kissed the palm of my hand, He grabbed the waistband of my boxerbriefs and looked up at me, a wicked grin preteens fetish galleries on his face. preteen nudist naked He pulled the elastic away from my body and down over my dick, sliding the shorts down. My dick came out and popped up, nearly hitting him in the face. I watched his face closely as he saw my dick for the first time, wanting to memorize his reaction. His eyes got wide, his mouth fell open, and he gasped."Oh my God," he said again. "Now I definitely get it." My dick stuck out from my body, 9.5" hard inches of fat Italian meat. "So thick," Colin moaned, bringing his hands up to touch and caress the pillar of my cock. His hands glided up and down my cock shaft, feeling and touching every inch of it. Precum continued to leak in a steady stream from my swollen cockhead. He spread it all over my shaft."You just gonna play with it or are you gonna suck it, babe?" I asked, smiling down at him. He grinned widely.He buried his face in my crotch, first sucking on my nuts. "Even your fucking balls are huge," he said, sucking one into his mouth. Back and forth, from one nut to the other, he sucked on my saggy sac preteen models pthc for several minutes. Precum dripped from my cock, rivulets of it running down my shaft and onto his face. I pushed the shaft down against his face, smearing his cheek with precum while he sucked on my nads."Don't forget about this," I said, with a quick slap of my heavy rod against his face. He moaned loudly through a mouth stuffed with egg and sac. I slapped him again.Colin released my sac and pressed his lips against the base of my cock, kissing it several times, his tongue coming out several times preteen forbidden illegal to lick the shaft. I grabbed his hands and put them on my dick; they didn't fit all the way around the shaft. He started jerking me off. His eyes were locked on my dick while his hands worked up and down the shaft, squeezing and rubbing over the head, then moving back down. He was hypnotized by the pulsing shaft.Then, in a move that surprised me, Colin grabbed the base of my dick with one hand and began slapping himself with it. He pursed his lips and preteen porno pic slapped the head down onto his mouth several times. He used my heavy bat and whipped his cheeks, beating his face with my cock. With each slap, his moans got louder. He then rubbed my sticky cock all over his face. My swollen mushroom head slid against his forehead, then down his right cheek, across his chin, and back up his preteenz phtc left cheek to his forehead. He pulled it down over his nose to his lips. His face glistened with my precum. My cock was steel.Caressing the shaft with his hands, preteen porno pic he kissed my cockhead. His hands touched my shaft lightly, sliding smoothly up and down the length of it. His lips curved around my cockhead, his tongue sliding out to swirl around it. He pressed the tip of it into my piss slit, slurping out the precum. He sucked gently on my head, his hands still stroking my pole.I knew that he wouldn't be able to take all of me. Paden had said that Colin couldn't take all of him, and I was bigger than Paden. Nevertheless, I started pushing forward, urging him to take more of me between his lips and into his mouth. He pulled off. "No, I can't," he said, "you're too big.""Try, baby," I said, caressing his sticky cheek. "I won't let anything happen."This time, I pushed my cockhead against his lips. He obediently opened his mouth to accept it. With his mouth wide open, I slowly fed him as much of my dick as I could. I got a little more than half of it in his mouth, before I felt his hands clench and his nails dig into my thighs. I stopped. I heard him gag a little. I started to push forward again. He gagged some more. My dick throbbed in his mouth, the sound of his archive model preteen choking making me swell even more.I looked down at him, my hands on his head. His lips were stretched abnormally wide around my thick shaft. Tears were in his eyes as he looked up at me. I knew that my dick head was at his throat, ready to push in. I could force it. I could slam my huge dick into his throat, make him choke on it, but I didn't. I pulled out.I slid my dick from his lips and preteen russian sluts he gasped for air, one hand gripping my dick tightly. "I can't take it all," he said, "I'm sorry."I bent down and kissed him, tasting my precum on his lips. "Take as much as you can, beautiful," I said. He blushed when I called him that. I stood up, pointing my dick at his mouth again. I let him control the pace this time. He stroked my shaft while he bobbed his head up and down on my cock, taking as much of me as he could. One hand slid up and down the shaft while the other played with my swinging balls. He slurped and sucked on my knob, his spit and my precum mixing to make a nice lube for the jerking action of his hand. I kept one hand on his head, running it again and again through his hair, caressing him. I resisted the urge to shove my dick down his throat, letting him instead fuck his face on me.My orgasm was building, my ballsac getting tighter and drawing closer to my body. My dick pulsed even more, swelling again in Colin's mouth. He sucked harder. "I'm gonna cum, Colin," I said. preteens asian clips It was going to be a huge load. I could feel it. I watched his smooth cheeks suck in harder around my cock, hollowing out. His lips were stretched grossly by my thick shaft. He continued to suck.I pulled my dick out of his mouth, and held his head in place. With his lips open, I placed my dick head busty preteen pictures just inside them against his tongue, which poked out between his lips. I wanted to watch my load fill his mouth, see him swallow it. I stroked myself quickly. My piss slit gaped open, my cockhead swelled. The first two shots of cum missed his mouth entirely, flying past his lips and over his cheek, landing on the floor behind him. I pushed my dick head closer to his mouth, and the next shots found their mark. My cum spurted against his tongue and inner cheeks, up against the roof his mouth. He gulped it down, swallowing quickly as I filled his beautiful teenage mouth with my spooge. He submissively held his mouth open the entire time, accepting my load. Squeezing my dick at the base, I stroked up my wide shaft, milking the last drops from my cock and letting them drop onto his outstretched tongue. He swallowed, and then taking my dick between his lips preteens free video again, cleaned the remaining cum from my softening shaft and cockhead.My dick fell from between his lips and hung down over my fat balls. real preteen underground Colin wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him, my soft meat pressed against his cheek. I stroked his hair, rubbing the back of his neck and shoulders. After several minutes, Colin pulled away and stood up."Wow," he said. I smiled at him."Yeah," I said, "I had fun, too." I winked. I rubbed my hands over his body, feeling his smooth chest and stomach. I brought them down to his crotch; his cock was still hard, and he now had his own spot. I kissed his mouth again, and then his neck and shoulders, gently nibbling, as I began my trek down his smooth body to his hard teencock. I pinched his nipples while I sucked and kissed on his neck, and then bringing my mouth down, I bit at them gently. I kissed his pecs, which were still kind of round and fatty, but had hard muscle underneath. His biceps were very well formed and large, but he was still working on his chest and abs. If he kept bbs sun preteens up his hard work, he would have an amazing body one day.I kissed his stomach, and he flexed his abs for me. I could feel them there, beneath my lips, hidden only by his "insulation". I laughed when I kissed his stomach, remembering his comment from earlier in the week. He giggled, too. I looked up at him and smiled.With my lips and tongue I followed his treasure trail down from his navel into his boxers. preteen japanese video I grabbed the waistband and prepared to pull his boxers down. I held my breath, ready to see his hard cock for the first time. I had thought about it before, but now was the moment I had waited for. I hesitated briefly, and then pulled. His pubes came into view first; his dick was pulled down by the boxers. I saw the base of it, swollen and hard. I pulled the boxers all the way down, and he kicked them off. Colin's teencock, 5" long and hard as a rock, released from the boxers, bounced up and stuck straight out preteens gallery bbs from his body. It was swollen and daphne preteen red. The head was sticky with drying precum. His adolescent balls hung in their tight, hairless sac.I stared at him for several moments, and then looked up into his face. He blushed. "I'm...I'm not as big as Paden," he stammered, blushing."You're big enough," I said, ls preteen sites taking his dick in my hand and stroking it. I squeezed his hard shaft tightly, he moaned and placed his hands on my head. I brought my face into his crotch, smelling him, a combination of sweat and soap. I licked his balls, swabbing my tongue back and forth across the sac. I then buried my face into his crotch, licking and kissing the crux where the thigh meets the pelvis. He gasped, squeezing my head, arching his body over mine. I moved back to his balls, sucking his sac into my mouth, taking both balls between my lips and sucking on them. I held them in my mouth like a squirrel with nuts, bathing his teen nads with my tongue.I rubbed my hands over his body while I slurped my way around his crotch, feeling his upper body again, but focusing more on his lower body. I ran my hands over his naked ass for the first time, two smooth, round globes, and down his hard thighs and calves. I brought my right hand up his thigh. I released his balls and looked up into his face. I slid my fingers up under his balls between his legs. I watched his face, his eyes closed, as I started massaging his prostate. He gasped; his dick throbbed more, and a large, pearly drop of precum oozed from his piss slit. He groaned. I stuck out my tongue and licked the precum from his enlarged cock head.I continued teasing his prostate, using two fingers to work his g-spot from the outside. I kissed his cockhead, taking it between my lips, tasting Colin's teen meat for the first time. It was my turn to moan; I had wanted to do this hidden preteens paysites for so long, and now I was. My dick was getting hard again.Opening my lips, I took his whole dick into my mouth, suctioning my cheeks around his swollen teen shaft. His cum filled balls pressed heavily on my chin, and I continued to rub his prostate. His dick leaked precum all over my tongue, which I swallowed. I started bobbing my head on his dick, sucking him all the way into my mouth until my nose was buried in his black, curly pubes, then pulling back until just the head remained between my lips. I teased the head with my tongue, flicking it against preteen models club the sensitive underside of Colin's cock. He moaned each time, squeezing my head, running his fingers through my hair.I let my index and middle fingers slide further back towards Colin's ass. I teased the outside of his tight ring, rubbing it gently with my fingers while I continued to suck his hard teencock and massage his prostate with my thumb. Colin gasped loudly. I realized for the first time that there was no music playing in the office anymore. I must have started the CD on one of the later tracks, and it had played itself out. I didn't care.I pulled off of his dick, which glistened now with my spit and his precum. I brought my fingers out from between his legs and licked them, coating them with spit. Colin spread his legs obediently as I slipped my hand back under his preteen nude 13 balls and between his legs. I took his dick back into my mouth, and again applied pressure to the outside of his hole with my first two fingers. He was tight. Colin let out a low groan as the first finger entered his ass. His balls drew up tighter against his body, and I felt his ass twitching around my finger, which was no more than a centimeter in his ass. I pushed the second young preteen hotmodel finger into his hole and Colin gasped loudly, "Oh God!" At the same time, I heard the squeak of my classroom door opening.We froze.*******************So what'd you think? I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to contact me, e-mail: grossoitalianohotmail.com; AIM: grossoitaliano.
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